About CRRC

About us

Center of Corporate Relations Research (CCRR) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit public organization associating experts in the field of politics, economy, finance and relations with mass media. The CCRR headquarters is in Kyiv. The Center started to operate in March 2005. Our objective is to integrate Ukraine into the global economic structures, promote the development of civic society and build modern civilized relations between the business and the power in Ukraine. The CCRR is funded by charitable contributions.

We encourage representatives of authorities, business and experts community too hold non-formal discussions of topical problems. The CCRR also analyzes the most urgent corporate conflicts in Ukraine revealing their causes, play of interests of Ukraine’s largest financial/industrial groups and political circles.

The Center does not set itself the task of backing up any of the political or economic forces represented in Ukraine. In our conclusions we only seek to objectively analyze the impact of one or another political or economic government decisions and big corporate conflicts upon Ukraine’s external and internal political and financial/economic position, provide international and domestic investors with impartial information on political and economic risks in Ukraine.

Work methods

The CCRR engages a wide range of experts, both full-time and for counseling on specific issues.

We organize roundtables, conferences, seminars, both on our own and in cooperation with concerned governmental and experts structures. We also assist in establishing direct contacts between experts, representatives of business and political decision-makers. Our recommendations help investors to appraise the actual situation in Ukraine, as well as risks and benefits associated therewith.

The CCRR actively cooperates with Ukrainian think-tanks, as well as Ukrainian and foreign mass media. Such cooperation is to be more expanded in the future.

On a regular basis the CCRR publishes a magazine Information and Analysis Review of Corporate Relations Research Center. In order to support a lively discussion on pressing problems the CCRR offers spaces in Information and Analysis Review for publication of expert materials and specialized studies on the censorship-free, complimentary and no-royalty basis.

The team:

Founder: Oleksandr Kamenets
Head of the Center: Alexandra Batiy
Head of the PR department: Hanna Panova
Project Director: Evhen Shutko
Analyst: Hanna Levitskaya
Project Administrator: Anna Tkachenko
Technical Department Head: Vadym Shchelkonohov

Oleksandr Kamenets is an official member of IPRA, a worldwide professional organization that serves as a catalyst for the development of norms in the field of education, ethics, PR practice.

The association received official recognition from the United Nations in 1964 as a consultant to ECOSOR (the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations). It was also recognized by UNESCO as a non-governmental organization in the “category of mutual information relations”.

Membership in IPRA is open only to those who have at least five years of experience in the field of PR and possess high professional competence.

Corporate Relations Research Center
4th Floor, 12 Khreshchatyk Str.
Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
mailto: info@corporativ.info

NGO ” Corporate Relations Research Center” membership:

The founders (participants) of NGO ” Corporate Relations Research Center ” under the Protocol №1 of General Meeting of the members of 17.05.2005 are:

Alexander Kamenets,
Oleg Kolesnikov,
Ischenko Rostyslav

Powers and authority of the founders of NGO is over after the decision to register or after taking notice of establishment of NGO under the Law of Ukraine “On public organizations” (decision made on 17.05.2005; notice of incorporation into the Uniform State Register taken on 25.05.2005).

The governing body of NGO ” Corporate Relations Research Center ” is General Meeting.
Alexander Kamenets – director, signatory (information taken from the USR).

Members of the NGO ” Corporate Relations Research Center ” as of 10.03.2016:
– Alexander Kamenets;
– Alexandra Batiy;
– Hanna Levitskaya

Kolesnikov O. resigned Chairman post of the Supervisory Board on 10.09.2008 (Order №3-K from 10.09.2008, The Protocol №01-09 / 08 of the General Meeting of the members of NGO ” Corporate Relations Research Center”).

Ischenko R. resigned Vice President post of the Organization on 02.10.2006 (Order №4-K from 02.10.2006, The Protocol №1 / 16, of the General Meeting of the members of NGO ” Corporate Relations Research Center “).