A barrel of oil may increase in price by 50%

February 17, 2022

(Українська) З грудня по січень міжнародний еталонний сорт нафти Brent зріс приблизно на $11 доларів за барель. З початку лютого вона …

Pulse of The Week: September 09-15, 2023 (No. 36)

September 20, 2023

The field office of the International Criminal Court started operating...

Pulse of The Week: September 02-08, 2023 (No. 35)

September 19, 2023

Researching public opinion on the most important events of the...

Analytical study of PFC

September 16, 2015

What can bitcoin owners expect from the new draft law on cryptocurrencies in Ukraine

June 16, 2021

The Committee on Digital Transformation recommended that the Verkhovna Rada adopt the draft law "On Virtual Assets" in the second reading, which will legalize the...

What does the future hold for cryptocurrencies? Expert opinion

May 19, 2021

When the shares of technology companies soared to sky-high heights in the 1990s, Alan Greenspan, who held the post of chairman of the Federal Reserve...

What is NFT, how to get rich on it and what will happen next with the trending cryptocurrency?

May 13, 2021

The world is witnessing a digital art boom made possible by NFT technology. In April, Sotheby's auction house held its first NFT auction, and the...