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The National Bank announced the release of Ukrainians in 2024: four areas were named

The National Bank reported plans of Ukrainian employers to lay off workers in 2024. Named four areas in which staff reductions are expected.

The NBU conducted a survey among companies and assessed the situation on the labor market. It was emphasized that large-scale transformations are not expected. At the same time, there are industries where companies plan to reduce the number of employees. It is indicated that enterprises planning personnel changes are going to lay off employees more often and expand the staff less often. Let’s consider the data on spheres.


Reductions are planned in 32% of companies. This is almost 6.5 times more than those who plan to hire more workers. Only 5% of organizations will expand their staff, and 64% will keep the number of employees unchanged.


About 15% of companies in this industry will cut staff, which is almost four times more than those that are ready to hire more people. The majority of those interviewed will not expand the staff, but they do not plan to reduce either.


Layoffs are planned for 7% of companies, and 5%, on the contrary, are going to hire more staff. At the same time, 88% of trading companies will keep the number of employees unchanged.


15% of surveyed respondents planned layoffs, while 6% will expand staff. 79% of companies will keep the current number of employees.

How the salaries of Ukrainians will change

Wages of Ukrainians are expected to increase in 2024. The reason is that most employers are understaffed. For some professions, the demand exceeds the supply. Dominika Ivanova-Bekar, the owner of the HR agency, noted that a business in such a situation should attract the best specialists and retain valuable employees. This is possible due to the increase in wages.

The head of the recruitment department of the GRS portal reported that 41% of companies plan to increase salaries this year. They are ready to increase the profit of their employees by 10-30%.