- Analytic

Privatization of OAO OPZ

On June 13, 2016, the Vedomosti Privatization newspaper, the official print publication of the State Property Fund of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the SPFU), published an information message about a tender open to bidding on the basis of an auction for the sale of a state block of shares (99.567%) to Odessa Port Port factory ”(hereinafter – OPZ). Bidding is scheduled for July 26, 2016, the initial price of the block of shares is determined in the amount of 13.175 billion UAH.

It is no exaggeration to note that the SCF is a unique enterprise. And the uniqueness lies not only in its production and technological capabilities, but also in the complex “privatization fate”. So, in the entire history of independent Ukraine, there was no other such object that they would try to sell for more than twenty years, but all attempts were in vain (despite the fact that there were plenty of people who wanted to become its owner at one time). In this case, with each attempt at privatization, the clan-oligarchic contradictions around the SCF and the associated political risks turned out to be too significant, which once again confirms the exclusivity of the enterprise.

In the preparation of the analytical study: “Privatization of Odessa Port Plant OJSC” was attended by the “Corporate Relations Research Center” (CRRC)