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The People’s Deputies want to reduce the salaries of heads of offices of the Verkhovna Rada

People’s deputies collect signatures for the reduction of expenses for the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada. The funds are planned to be redistributed to pay the assistants of People’s Deputies, the public initiative “Holka” reports. A decision on this may be considered in the coming days. More than 80 People’s Deputies have already supported the initiative. Deputy Oleksandra Ustinova says that the Council does not have the opportunity to hire assistants who should help with law-making activities.

“In the days of the “regionals”, there were dozens of people’s deputies’ assistants so that the guards of the people’s deputies and their retinue had a “crust” to solve their issues. Now we are in a time when the country needs high-quality legislation. And you have to pay for high-quality work. No it may be that the people’s deputy is thinking about where to get the funds for the work of at least two or three assistants. Well, it is really unfair when dozens of people in the departments of the Council’s apparatus have such high salaries, and the parliamentarians have to think about where to get the funds to pay for the assistants. who should help write laws,” she said.

This year, the government decided to balance the wage system through a line in the 2024 state budget and a government resolution. At the end of the year, the Verkhovna Rada decided in its final provisions that the conditions of payment of civil servants, which are determined by other provisions, are not applied when determining the remuneration of civil servants of the Verkhovna Rada apparatus. Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk and Vice-speaker Oleksandr Kornienko wrote this in the draft state budget with amendments.

On November 9, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the state budget for 2024. Revenues were set at UAH 1.768 trillion, expenditures at UAH 3.35 trillion. The main item of expenditure is defense. 22.1% of expenses were directed to it.

In October, the mission of the International Monetary Fund came to Ukraine for the first time in more than three years. Discussed with government officials the four-year IMF program for $15.6 billion.