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Confiscation of Russian assets for the sake of restoring Ukraine: it is important not to forget about the aviation industry

Ukraine may claim $280 billion worth of Russian assets frozen in various countries around the world. This was stated by Irina Mudra, who until recently held the position of Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine. While officials and others compete in calculations of funds that can be confiscated from Russia in favor of Ukraine, Russia continues to destroy the civilian infrastructure of our cities, with infrastructure and energy facilities suffering the most.

Discussions regarding the confiscation of Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine’s restoration are actively taking place at all levels. There is no decision yet, only proposals and searches for the most legally sound methods. However, when it is finally made, it is important for the managers of the funds in Ukraine not to lose control and to be able to use them fairly for reconstruction“, expressed Denys Kostrzhevskyi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Airport «Kyiv», is convinced.

Without a doubt, he said, housing and energy facilities destroyed or damaged by the enemy should be restored first. The government should help revive industry, business, and give a boost to the economy. However, it is important not to forget about the aviation industry, which suffered both infrastructural damage and lost many qualified personnel, who cannot be replaced instantly even with money.

Today, the government should involve specialized experts in the development of a reconstruction program and the restoration of airfields and airports, providing personnel with the necessary conditions to maintain qualifications and skills. After opening the airspace over Ukraine, we will face an unprecedented demand for its use; we must be prepared“, believes Kostrzhevskyi.

It is worth reminding that at the beginning of 2024, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Rostyslav Shurma announced in Davos that the government is considering the possibility of restoring air connections from Kyiv and Lviv. The possibility of restoring air connections depends on the decisions of international partners, independent regulators, and insurance companies, he said.