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Denys Kostrzhevskyi: the major update of the Trans-European Transport Network now also includes Ukraine

Members of the European Parliament have approved updated plans for the implementation of major Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) projects, such as cross-border roads, railways, bridges, and tunnels.

The key stages of developing the transport infrastructure within the TEN-T network are to be completed by the end of 2030 to ensure a fully connected network by 2050.

“In connection with the Russian aggression against Ukraine and new geopolitical shifts in the world, the leaders of European countries, especially those that share a common border with Russia, reviewed logistical connections and routes.

Now they are striving to connect Europe from west to east and from north to south with a network of roads, railways, airports, waterways bypassing Russia and Belarus, and also to do it taking into account military needs,” said Denys Kostrzhevskyi, Board Chairman of Kyiv International Airport.

Excluding the aggressor country and its ally from the list, Europeans now aim to strengthen ties with Ukraine and Moldova.

Expansion of European transport corridors to Ukraine, development of roads to our ports, construction of railway and maritime infrastructure, modernisation of airports will significantly improve Ukrainian exports and strengthen our transport connections with the EU,” he believes.

Kostrzhevskyi is also convinced that for post-war Ukraine, in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of internal transportation and the arrival of foreigners, it is extremely important to have an extensive, territorially optimised network of modern airports, as well as an all-weather airport, which should ideally be located on the right bank of the Dnipro river and will be able to receive any modern types of aircraft.

As I have already said, I am convinced that the international airport “Kyiv” can and should become the central gateway to the capital. Now, from a military point of view, it is in a completely unusable state. Actually from our runway planes can neither land nor take off. But all the damages and the measures taken to prevent the enemy from using the airfield can be quickly eliminated. The equipment is in appropriate condition, specialists are ready. And after the reconstruction, the airport will be able to serve planes with an increased passenger capacity,” he assured.

Reminder: Ukraine joined the TEN-T in 2017. According to the European Commission’s Indicative Investment Plan for the development of TEN-T corridors, projects totalling €4.45 billion are planned to be implemented in Ukraine by 2030 – the highest figure among all Eastern Partnership EU states.