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Migration from Ukraine accelerated due to the blackout, – National Bank

Migration of Ukrainians abroad accelerated in June, which may be due to power outages. This is reported in the new Macroeconomic and Monetary Review of the National Bank.
It noted that the number of job seekers, as measured by the number of resumes, increased slightly, mostly reflecting the effects of seasonality.

At the same time, migration abroad intensified in May-June: the number of migrants increased to 6.6 million people as of June 13, 2024, according to the UN, which could be due to a shortage of electricity. Adaptation of migrants abroad, in particular their employment, is also increasing.

As previously reported, train intervals have been increased in the Kyiv metro due to a shortage of workers. The reason for the increase in the number of vacancies is partially forced migration, the specifics of professions and mobilization. In particular, about 7% of workers are now in the ranks of the Armed Forces, and their number is constantly increasing.

There is a critical shortage of public transport drivers in Lviv due to mobilization.