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The Ukrainian market for sunflower and its processing products continues to fall

Last week, a further decline was observed in the market of sunflower and its processed products.

This was reported by the senior manager of the oil extraction plant Alyona Tsareva in her blog on Latifundist.com.

Prices for sunflower at the plant’s SRT ranged from UAH 13.8–14.6 thousand/t including VAT, and for sunflower oil – from $740–750/t in deep-sea ports to $755–760/t on the Danube.

“Today, CIF India buyers are offering a high price of $890 for sunflower oil. It was this country that set the trend a month ago, and we successfully accounted for this period. It is important to remember that the harvest from South America will soon be released, and if the prices for it fall, we should expect an additional negative impact,” Tsarova emphasized.