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Ukraine, Russia and the EU do not want a repeat of the 2009 gas conflict

Neither Russia, nor Ukraine, nor the EU are interested in repeating the “gas” conflict of 2009, which today could cause damage to each of the parties, said energy expert Valentin Zemlyansky in an interview with BTB. “From the 12th day a group of experts has been working in Brussels to resolve the situation between Ukraine and Russia in the gas issue, and a second round of negotiations on this issue should take place. The date has not yet been determined. But the only thing we can focus on is that neither the EU nor Russia want a repeat of 2009, as all parties to the conflict, including Ukraine, will suffer losses, ”the expert said.

He also believes that Ukraine, in order to have arguments in the “gas” negotiations and during the consideration of the lawsuit against Gazprom in the Stockholm court, must pay off the debt for gas consumed before the denunciation of the Kharkov agreements, that is, in February-March.

“We have to split the debts. The debts that Gazprom claims for April-May, when the Kharkov agreements were denounced – this was done incorrectly legally. This can be discussed – this is a negotiation path. But the debts for February-March, when Ukraine consumed gas at all discounts, must be paid off, ”Zemlyansky noted.

He added that this is provided for by the IMF Memorandum.

“When there will be an arbitration in the Stockholm court, repayment of the debt will only be in favor of Ukraine,” the expert said.

Note that Gazprom requested from Ukraine $ 1.66 billion for the June gas.